Will the Streaming Video Bubble Burst Post Pandemic?

Streaming entertainment services like Netflix experienced exponential growth in 2020 thanks to COVID-19. Cloud services will help them continue growing once it’s over. COVID-19 has made winners of some industries and losers of others. Among the biggest losers, of course, have been restaurants, live music venues, the travel sector and the meetings industry, all of […]

What is the Future of Streaming?

Two decades ago, if you wanted to listen to a song you would have to visit a music store and buy a copy of a song, or an album on a CD. If you wanted to watch a movie, you had to visit a cinema, or buy or rent a copy on VHS or DVD. Many […]

Six Trends Directing the Future of Television

Today’s television experience bears little resemblance to the television our parents or grandparents watched. Just as tomorrow’s television experience will look very little like today’s. We have gone from an era where the television networks dictated what, when and how we watched, to a time where consumers are firmly in control. They want what they […]

Future scenarios for the TV and video industry by 2030

In what ways are digitalization and VoD providers such as Netflix changing the market of the future? The TV and video market is highly dynamic and is characterized by a great number of drivers: digitalization, new market offers, and disruption by digital players ensure rapid change. Moreover, consumer expectations and usage habits are changing rapidly […]